Sunday, 19 July 2009

tent at the ready?

Last friday me & my girls were feeling like doing something different with our friday night, so I came up with the idea to camp out in my back yard. It was an absolute quality night, & I just thought I would share a few snaps with you! :) tbf, I forgot how good camping can be!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

mud anyone?

I was scouring some fashion websites recently looking for some outfit inspiration, when I came across this image of Alexa Chung sporting a festival chic look. This lead me on to search for some more images of celebs showing off thier festival style, and came across these images. I especially love the last one, as Iv become a fan of the retro crop tops coming back into fashion, and have added these srtiped Topshop cropped beauts to my wishlist, and they arent bad priced at just £14-£16! Just need to get my tummy toned before i go flashing my midrift ;) Although these tops can be worn with a plain vest top underneath, if you dont fancy exposing your tum.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

get your twinkly toes ready girls.

Recently i came across the online store Go Jane, and fell in love with all these to die for gladiator standles; perfect for the heatwave we are in atm. I just wish I could get myself a few pairs, as the prices wont exactly burn a hole in anyones wallet, ranging from a meer $12.60-$16.40! The only thing stopping me from snapping up these lovelys is that cant be doing with online shopping & shipping so i guess I'll have to result to finding some lookalikes at good old Primark, still these shoes are too dreamy!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

vanessa or..

Recently i was searching outfits on Vanessa Hudgens as her style is so lustful! Amoung the fashion forward outfits i came across i found this image of her rocking her boyfriend Mr Efrons £75 Diesel Menswear shirt, and right next to it an image of Heidi Klum wearing the exact shirt. It wasnt questionable who wore it better, as Vanessa teamed her shirt with desirable Luella wedges and a JJ Winters bag. This lead me on to 2 thoughts.. the first being that i must bust out a mens shirt some time soon and blog it, see what you guys think! Secondly that I wonder, between Vanessa and any others, who wears it best? So i searched up some more Vanessa fashion faceoffs, and all in all, i came to the conclusion that no one can quite pull off an outfit like the Hudgens!
Do you agree?